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GardenOvens is a bespoke service for the design and construction of hand-built wood-fired brick pizza ovens in the traditional Tuscan style.  We can build for you a beautiful oven in your garden which will give you all the satisfaction of cooking food in a time-honoured way.   If you prefer, your oven can be built using a modular kit imported from Italy by Forno-Bravo.

The round-domed Tuscan and Neapolitan brick ovens of Italy, dating date back many hundreds of years still produce the best pizza. Our ovens are based on the same design principles as the old Tuscan ovens but, with the advantage of modern insulation and refractory materials with combined with superb craftsmanship, our Garden Ovens are safe, fast to heat up, fuel efficient and a pleasure to use. They can be used all year round for cooking the full flavoursome food that is unique to cooking with a wood-fired oven.

An outdoor kitchen, or simply a stand-alone-oven, adds a new dimension to outdoor living which is the reason why it is rapidly becoming an essential garden feature integrated with the deck or poolside. It is easy to understand the appeal. The traditional wood-burning oven is good for a wide range of cooking - hearth breads, roasting, drying, smoking, Tandoori, stews, soups, not forgetting genuine Neapolitan pizza! This is because a wood fired oven quickly reaches an initial temperature of over 900F and after that, cools very slowly without further firing.

Taking advantage of the time the oven takes to cool down, cooking can continue even into next day!

Your wood-fired pizza oven can be incorporated into your existing garden, usually near the patio.  If you are having a full landscaping job, then it makes sense to include an oven or even an outdoor kitchen if you have the space.  We are experienced landscape contractors with a portfolio that includes large and small scale domestic projects, including swimponds, large natural ponds, and tennis court.   The outdoor oven is now an essential element that transforms the yard into a living space.  

Eric Akis, master chef, is author of the 'Everyone Can Cook' Series of cook books. "Some of the best meals I've had have come out of Andrew Lewis's wood-burning oven. Pizza, ribs, turkey, baked beans, you name it - the flavour has been pleasingly memorable. If you love to cook and want to make a tasty addition to your backyard, you must get GardenOvens to build you one."
Eric Akis, author of best-selling Everyone Can Cook series.

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A wood-fired pizza oven is a lifestyle investment and you may find it helpful to read our page of questions frequently asked about Wood Burning Ovens.  For more detailed information and to help you choose the best oven for you, click on wood fired ovens

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GardenOvens is part of Lewis Landscapes, a leading garden design and build business operated by Andrew Lewis in the region of Victoria and the Gulf Islands.   Our comprehensive service includes consultation, design and installation.  

Our on-going commitment to our customers is to offer quality workmanship at every stage at a fair price.  We supply Forno-Bravo products to our customers as part of our service but we are not a shop.  If you require need materials and advice for a DIY project, we recommend you visit the Forno-Bravo website. 

Serving the Gulf Islands, victoria and Vancouver Island, bc

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